Do you want to write captivating headlines that boost traffic?

Have you ever wished there was an EASY tool that helps everyone write great headlines regardless of their skill set or having to hire an elite copywriter?

If you’re like me and most other smart website owners, then you have at least wished for this solution a couple of times in your WordPress journey.

Today, I’m excited to release a free WPBeginner tool, Headline Analyzer, which enables you to write irresistible headlines that your users can’t help but click.

We built this tool because we believe headlines are the single most important factor that can make or break your content.

With our tool, we want to empower all bloggers and website owners to write great headlines so they can compete with the big guys and drive more traffic.

What is Headline Analyzer Tool?

WPBeginner’s Headline Analyzer tool is a powerful FREE online tool that makes it easy to write compelling headlines that drive website traffic and shares and rank better in search results.

And it is a FREE tool… no signup or registration is required!

wpbeginner headline analyzer tool

One of the reasons most people fail to make their headlines compelling is that there is no clear-cut way to write one. This is why I decided to build a headline analyzer at WPBeginner.

Backed by data, our free tool reviews your headlines and provides suggestions to help you earn the highest number of click-throughs.

To analyze your title, the headline checker considers a few different factors, including word balance, power words, headline sentiment, headline type, word count, and more.

Some of the benefits of our title analyzer include…

Why Writing Great Headlines is Important?

Did you know 4 out 5 people will NEVER click through to read your articles?

That means even if your site gets on the first page of Google for relevant keywords, only a minority of your target audience will visit your website.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to improve your chances of driving more visitors to your site… and that is by writing a click-worthy headline.

A click-worthy headline can mean the difference between the search results your users will notice and click on Google – and the search results they’ll skip right over.

With WPBeginner’s Headline Analyzer, it takes less than 2 minutes to write a perfect title for your content… and you don’t have to be an SEO or copywriting guru to do so.

How to Use WPBeginner’s Headline Analyzer Tool

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to the WPBeginner’s Headline Analyzer tool.

Next, type in your headline in the search bar and click Analyze.

Backed by data, our tool analyzes your headline, grades it on a scale of 1-100, and offers suggestions to improve it.

You can then follow those recommendations and re-analyze your title to see if it improves your score. Then you can repeat the process until you get a great score. The general rule of thumb is to aim for a score of 70+.

headline analysis report

To get the best results from the analyzer, follow the below recommended practices.

Always Come Up with Multiple Headline Ideas

It is recommended to come up with around 3 to 5 headlines for your content. When you brainstorm multiple headline ideas, you’re more likely to think out of the box, which in turn helps you create great headlines.

After the analysis, you can pick the one that has a better score and then refine it until it gets a better score.  

Choose the Optimal Length for Your Titles

Choosing the optimal length for your titles is important. If it is too lengthy, it might get cut off from Google Search results, email inbox, social media feeds, and so on.

word balance headline analyzer

Generally speaking, too short headlines fail to incite curiosity, leading to a drop in click-throughs.

Most WordPress SEO plugins and tools recommend keeping the number of characters under 60 to ensure the title fits in the search snippet and other marketing channels.

Improve Your Workflow with Headline Analyzer

Want to get the headline analyzer inside the WordPress post editor?

You can do so free by installing and activating either the free All in One SEO plugin or the free MonsterInsights plugin.

Both of these plugins give you access to the same headline analyzer except right inside the WordPress post editor.

Click the SEO headline analyzer button

What’s Coming Next?

At WPBeginner, we always strive to build powerful tools for small businesses, so they can grow and compete with the big guys.

Headline Analyzer is just one of the new tools that we’ve launched.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us, and in the coming weeks, hopefully, we’ll deliver more free tools at your disposal.

Here are a few more business tools that you can use RIGHT NOW.

Our goal is to continue to build best-in-class tools to help you level the playing field.

If you have ideas on how we can make WPBeginner’s Headline Analyzer or other tools more helpful for you, then share your thoughts in the comments.

As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of WPBeginner, and we look forward to continue serving you for years to come.

Yours Truly,

Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner

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