Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to show WooCommerce products in a grid?

Showing your products in a grid view provides a better user experience for customers. With the right plugin, you can easily customize and style your product category grid.

In this article, we will show you the best product grid plugins for WooCommerce.

Why Use a Product Grid Plugin for WooCommerce?

When you’re creating an online store, it is important to showcase your best products and make it easier for customers to view them.

With the right WooCommerce plugin, you can easily display multiple products or features from a single product in a grid view. This provides a better user experience and makes it easy for customers to interact with your products.

Besides that, a product grid plugin also offers more flexibility for customization. You can easily adjust the grid, choose the number of rows and columns, change the color, and more.

Some plugins will also let you add category filters. This way, users can simply search for a product and view them in a grid rather than explore each product in your WooCommerce store. It helps boost conversions and increase sales.

That said, let’s look at the best product category grid plugins for WooCommerce.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd page builder

SeedProd is the best WordPress website builder and landing page plugin. It is used by over 1 million professionals.

The plugin offers a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create custom themes and page layouts. You get prebuilt templates and lots of customization options.

In the page builder, SeedProd offers exclusive WooCommerce blocks to customize your product page. You simply drag and drop the products grid block on your template.

WooCommerce blocks in SeedProd

The plugin lets you choose the number of columns in the grid. It also offers options to filter products and show all products, best-selling products, top-rated products, and more. Besides that, you can select the order of the products based on date, title, rating, ID, and more.

Other than that, SeedProd offers other blocks for customization. For instance, you can add images, optin forms, countdown timers, contact forms, and more to your product pages.

It also easily integrates with email marketing tools to help you collect leads and grow your email list.

Pricing: SeedProd prices start from $39.50 per year. There is also a free SeedProd Lite version you use to get started.

2. MonsterInsights

The MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It lets you set up Google Analytics in WordPress without editing code or hiring a developer. Plus, it automatically sets up advanced tracking on your website.

MonsterInsights offers a Popular Posts feature that lets you show your best-selling products in a grid view. You get to choose from prebuilt themes for your product grid.

Popular products MonsterInsights

The plugin also shows a preview of your theme. Besides that, you get plenty of customization options.

For instance, you can change the color and size of the title, prices, and ratings. It also gives you the option to select a layout for your grid, choose product count to display, and more.

Other than that, you can also exclude certain products or product categories from appearing in the MonsterInsights popular post widget on the page.

Pricing: MonsterInsights premium plans start from $99.50 per year. There is also a MonsterInsights Lite version you use for free and set up Google Analytics in WordPress.

3. ProductX


ProductX is another popular product grid plugin for WooCommerce. It lets you create WooCommerce stores using the drag-and-drop builder.

There are different blocks you can use to customize your store. Plus, the plugin offers a template toolkit, so you can quickly select a design and edit it according to your requirements.

ProductX offers different product category grid blocks. You can choose from 3 different variations to display products in a grid view. Besides that, there are multiple settings to edit the design of the product grid.

Other features offered by ProductX include advanced product filters, a progress bar, product comparison, whitelist items, and much more.

Pricing: ProductX is a paid WordPress plugin with prices starting from $49 per year for 1 site.

4. YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers

YITH WooCommerce best sellers

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers is a great plugin to have on your online store and display top-selling products in a grid layout.

The plugin is easy to use and offers different options to customize your product category grid. For example, you can change the text, ratings, colors, and other details of any product in the grid. Plus, you can choose the number of rows and columns to display.

Using YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers, you can show your most popular products or top-selling product category. There is also a best-seller badge you can use to highlight a product and get more conversions.

Pricing: YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers will cost you $59.99 per year.

5. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

Smash Balloon Instagram feed

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed is the best WordPress social media plugin. You can display content from different social media accounts on your WordPress website using the plugin.

If you’re using Instagram shopping to sell products online, then you can easily display items on your WordPress website using Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feeds plugin.

You can simply connect your Instagram account with the WooCommerce store. After that, display product feeds as grids, carousels, masonry, and other layouts.

The plugin also lets you link each Instagram post to a page on your WooCommere website. This way, users will land on the product page and easily make a purchase.

With Smash Balloon, you get full control over the appearance of your social media feeds. There are options to change the width, height, number of images, and more for your Instagram shoppable feed.

Pricing: You can get Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin for $49 per year.

6. Product Carousel Slider & Grid Ultimate for WooCommerce

Product carousel slider and grid ultimate

Product Carousel Slider & Grid Ultimate for WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create attractive product grids, carousels, and sliders.

The plugin offers built-in themes for carousels and grids. Plus, it lets you customize the grid by choosing the number of products to display per page, showing a header title, and controlling the image sizes. The plugin also gives you settings for selecting columns and rows and enabling pagination.

You can then choose which products to show in the grid. There are multiple options to choose from, like the latest products, older products, and featured products. After creating the product grid, you can easily add them anywhere on your WooCommerce store using shortcodes.

Besides that, there are options to show different badges on products. For instance, you display a sales badge, featured badge, discount badge, and sold-out badge in your product grid. You can also edit the style settings and change the product title font, color, ratings, and more.

Pricing: You can use the Product Carousel Slider & Grid Ultimate for WooCommerce plugin for free.

7. Grid/List View for WooCommerce

Grid list view for WooCommerce

Grid/List View for WooCommerce is the next product category grid plugin on our list. The plugin is a great free solution for business owners looking to create simple product grids and lists.

You get to choose from 2 default styles, which include a grid or list layout. Besides that, there are basic options to customize your product grid. You can choose how many products to display and where to position the product count.

Sadly, there is no drag-and-drop customization option as you’d get in SeedProd. However, the plugin offers a wide variety of buttons to choose from for your WooCommerce product grid.

Pricing: Grid/List View for WooCommerce is a free-to-use plugin.

8. Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce

Product categories design

Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce is the most basic WordPress plugin for creating product grids and sliders.

If you have different product categories on your WooCommerce store, then all you have to do is install the plugin and use shortcodes to display the products.

There are no customization options or additional settings that you’ll find in your WordPress dashboard. Everything is controlled through shortcodes. You can use different shortcodes for choosing the number of columns, order of product categories, design of the product grid, and more.

However, if you’re looking for more customization features and ease of use, then you can use any other plugin on our list, like SeedProd or MonsterInsights.

Pricing: You can get started with Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce for free.

Which is the Best Product Grid Plugin for WooCommerce?

In our experience, SeedProd is the best product grid plugin for WooCommerce. It is super easy to use because it offers a drag-and-drop builder with lots of template customization for your site and pages.

You can create stunning WooCommmerce pages with customized product grids that will help boost conversions. The plugin also offers tons of options to edit and change the appearance of your product category grids.

That’s not all, SeedProd also integrates with popular email marketing services, which helps grow your email list.

Bonus: If you’re looking to grow your WooCommerce store, then we also recommend that you try FunnelKit. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins to grow your store revenue.

We hope this article helped you pick the best product grid plugin for WooCommerce. You may also want to see our guide on WooCommerce SEO made easy and the best live chat software for small businesses.

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