Are you looking for a WordPress voting plugin for your website?

A WordPress voting plugin allows you to easily conduct polls on your website where users can vote. It is an effective strategy to build user engagement while collecting insights.

In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress voting plugins that help you easily add voting and polls to your website.

Why Use a WordPress Voting Plugin?

WordPress voting plugins help you build user engagement on your website.

User engagement refers to how users interact with your website. It ensures users spend more time on your website for a more engaged experience.

Businesses that invest in creating meaningful, interactive, and positive user experiences on their website tend to see better user engagement, which leads to higher sales and conversions.

Buzzfeed viral quiz example

A WordPress voting plugin allows you to improve user engagement by adding surveys, polls, and quizzes to your website.

For instance, if you run a food blog, you can ask users to vote on which recipe they want you to cover next on your blog.

Similarly, if you run an online store, you can ask users to vote on products, participate in surveys, or take a quiz to win discounts.

Customer feedback poll example

Here are some of the top benefits of using a WordPress voting plugin:

1. Improved User Engagement – By adding a poll or survey, you allow users to spend more time on your website. This leads to more user engagement and reduces bounce rates on your website.

2. Build a Community – Allowing users to vote and participate on your website gives them a sense of community. It improves your brand recognition and builds your business a loyal following.

3. Gather Feedback – By adding surveys and polls you can collect invaluable customer feedback to help you improve your business.

4. More Traffic and Social Shares – Users are more likely to share viral quizzes and online polls to their socials. This helps you get more traffic and social shares for your website.

That being said, here is a quick list of plugins we’ll compare in this article:

1. WPForms


WPForms is the best WordPress voting plugin on the market. It is one of the most feature-rich WordPress form builders and allows you to easily create any type of form, including forms to conduct polls and surveys.

It comes with a drag-and-drop interface where you can create your form easily.

You can point and click to add form fields like multiple-choice checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down fields, Likert scale fields, and more.

WPForms poll form example

Beginners would love the read-made form templates that allow you to quickly load form fields and edit them to your liking.

WPForms also allow you to show poll results in beautiful charts and graphs on the front end.

WPForms poll results

You can also view survey results with beautiful charts and graphs in the backend.

This provides you with more insights into customer feedback and voting patterns.

WPForms survey graphs and charts

For more details, see our tutorial on how to create interactive polls in WordPress.

Pricing: $199.50 – WPForms also has a free version called WPForms lite, but you’ll need their PRO plan to unlock surveys and polls add-on.

2. RafflePress


RafflePress is a WordPress giveaway plugin with built-in polls and survey features.

Users can join a giveaway or contest by voting in a poll or answering a survey question. This is particularly helpful in boosting user participation by providing users with an incentive to vote in the survey.

RafflePress is built with social and viral capabilities in mind. This allows you to create successful polls and encourage users to share them to gain more entry points.

It is effortless to use, highly interactive, and highly effective in reaching a larger audience.

Pricing: $99.50 for their Pro plan, which includes polls and survey features.

3. WP-Polls


WP-Polls is a free WordPress poll and voting plugin. It is simple and quite basic compared to some other options on the list, but it is comprehensive and gets the job done.

It has a basic user interface that blends in your WordPress admin area. Advanced users can add custom CSS to change the style and appearance of their poll form and results.

You can easily schedule your polls, run multiple polls, sort poll questions and results, and more.

Pricing: Free

4. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is the best WordPress quiz plugin on the market. It allows you to easily create highly interactive BuzzFeed-like quizzes to boost user engagement on your website.

You can also create a quiz to use as a poll or survey, which allows users to vote and see the results at the end of the quiz.

Building your quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder

You can choose from various templates for five main quiz types. Each template allows you to customize the quiz screens step by step.

The quiz builder also makes it easy to create branching questions, which is when the next question to be displayed depends on the previous answer.

It also includes built-in features to encourage social sharing inside the quiz screens. Increasing the chances that your users may help spread the word by sharing their voting results.

Pricing: $99 as a standalone plugin. $299 as Thrive Suite Bundle.

5. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the most advanced form builder for WordPress. It allows you to create any type of form, including powerful calculators, solution-focused forms, and online polls and surveys.

Formidable Forms comes with a powerful form builder that supports various fields that you can use in your polls. You can use checkboxes, radio buttons, Likert scale, dropdown menus, and more to create your online poll.

It also comes with a Quiz Maker feature, allowing you to turn your poll into an interactive quiz.

Formidable Forms can show poll results in graphs and charts on the front end. It also summarizes form results in graphs and charts in the backend.

Pricing: Starting from $39.50/year

6. UserFeedback


UserFeedback is an easy way to collect feedback on your website by running quick polls and surveys.

It is handy for businesses that want to get insights and feedback from users directly.

For instance, you can ask users about your new website design, which products they are interested in, what they would like to read on your blog, and more.

UserFeedback is easy to use and allows you to add any type of form fields to your polls, surveys, or feedback forms.

Poll builder in UserFeedback

You can use one of the dozens of templates to add a poll quickly. You can use conditional logic to show users questions based on their answers.

It also comes with smart targeting features, allowing you to choose when to show the form.

UserFeedback integrates with Google Analytics using MonsterInsights, which gives you even deeper insights into customer interactions with your forms.

Lastly, it integrates with Uncanny Automator, allowing you to take advantage of 100+ interactions with all popular third-party apps, CRM software, email services, and other WordPress plugins.

Pricing: Starting at $49.50. There is also a free version of UserFeedback with limited features.

7. YOP Poll

YOP Poll

YOP Poll is a good WordPress voting plugin suitable for creating polls and surveys for users to vote in.

It lets you easily create and embed the poll anywhere on your WordPress website. It supports single and multiple-form fields.

The plugin also lets you manage how you wish to sort the questions, display results, show/hide details, set voter permissions, and even block users.

It also allows you to schedule your polls. You can run several polls simultaneously or schedule them to run one after another.

You also have multiple style options for your polls and poll results. This helps you easily divert user’s attention to the polls.

Pricing: Free. There is also a paid version starting at $27.

8. CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings


CrowdSignal (formerly Polldaddy) is a simple WordPress voting plugin that allows you to create engaging online polls, surveys, and forms.

It allows you to show real-time poll results and comes with beautiful styles to make your polls look more appealing.

The plugin supports 14 types of poll questions and comes with an intuitive poll builder to create your forms.

It also includes beautiful poll results with bars and graphs. In the backend, you can see more details of how your users interacted with a poll.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $180. There is also a limited free version available.

9. Poll Maker

Poll Maker

Poll Maker is another option to create polls for your WordPress website. It comes with a modern poll builder that lets you easily design your polls.

It has five poll types and dozens of style options, including seven pre-built themes.

Creating a poll is quite straightforward and easy. You can then add the poll to your WordPress website using a shortcode or a block.

Once a user has submitted a vote, you can choose to redirect them to any page on your website. The plugin also lets you schedule polls, limit who can vote, limit the number of votes a user can add, and more.

Pricing: The basic version of the plugin is free. There is also a pro version starting at $39.

10. WP Poll Maker

WP Poll Maker

WP Poll Maker is another way to create polls and contests on your WordPress website. This free voting plugin for WordPress allows you to easily create basic polls and surveys for your website.

It includes a poll builder where you can design your poll questions and adjust individual poll settings.

It comes with several templates to choose a style for your theme. Each theme is designed to be engaging and stand out, which helps you boost user engagement.

The plugin allows you to control and limit who can vote in a poll. You can also show live results for each poll, allow comments, or add social sharing features to trigger viral reach.

Pricing: The basic version of the plugin is free, and the paid plan starts at €35.

11. WP-PostRatings


WP-PostRatings is a WordPress post rating plugin that allows users to vote on a post or page. It is not a poll or contest plugin but if you were looking for a way for users to vote on your articles, then WP-PostRatings is the way to go.

It supports schema.org markup out of the box, meaning the post ratings may appear in search results.

It uses Ajax for voting functionality, ensuring users don’t leave a page when they add their rating.

WP-PostRatings has a rating dashboard where you can see how users voted on your posts, which posts are highest rated, and which posts are the lowest.

The one downside of the plugin is that it requires you to add a code snippet to your WordPress theme. For details, see our article on adding a post rating system in WordPress.

Pricing: Free

12. kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is another option to let users rate and vote on your WordPress posts and pages. Unlike other voting and polling plugins, kk Star Ratings only allows your users to rate your posts.

It supports schema.org markup, which enables search engines to use ratings data and show it in search results.

One advantage of using kk Star Ratings is that you don’t need to add custom code to your theme. However, unlike the WP-PostRatings plugin, it only allows you to use Stars as your rating icons.

Pricing: Free with paid add-ons.

Which is The Best WordPress Voting Plugin?

WPForms is the best WordPress voting plugin on the market. It is the best WordPress form builder, allowing you to create beautiful forms with a drag-and-drop tool.

With WPForms Survey and Polls addon, you can create dynamic polls and display results with beautiful charts and graphs.

For contests and giveaways, we recommend using RafflePress, which has built-in social features to make your polls go viral.

How to Create a Successful Voting Page?

Many of the WordPress voting plugins allow you to easily create a voting page on your WordPress site. However, to ensure that users participate in your polls you will need to make your poll questions interesting for your audience.

For instance, you can ask questions suitable for your target audience. You can also use tools like OptinMonster to boost engagement by showing your polls in lightbox popups, slide-in forms, display banner notifications, and more.

We hope this article helped you choose the best WordPress voting plugin for your website. You may also want to see our guide on showing personalized content to users in WordPress or our top social proof plugins for WordPress.

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