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Remote Training & Support


We provide high quality services of Remote Training & Support.
We may be able to resolve your problem within the next few minutes.
Detailed procedure for you to follow prior to your Remote Support request will be sent to you by email.

Price is for the first 60 minutes,

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By securely accessing your computer remotely, our team be able to investigate your issues as if they were sitting at your desk and in over 90% of cases will be able to find and implement a fix immediately.


The biggest benefit is its ease of use and efficiency. If you have a problem or request arise you would most likely want it solved as soon as possible.
Using remote support we can start fixing your website issues instantly. As soon as you download and run our remote support program, we can connect – and see what you see on your PC screen.

We provide every client with a training manual customised for their own website, covering all aspects of day-to-day updating and maintaining of the website through the browser-based management interface. This training is complemented by either onsite or remote (via TeamViewer) training for designated individuals so that many future updates can be made without recourse to further web development consultancy.

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