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Conducting a Technical Website Audit


A technical audit is step one for any website audit because it provides you with information on how the underlying technology is performing – or not performing. This affects every other aspect of the site and how people use it, so it comes first.

Technical Audit Steps

  • Is your site using an SSL certificate? Is it properly and consistently implemented?
  • Is your site using a Content Management System to make updates easy and consistent?
  • Have you changed or obscured all default CMS settings, including login page location?
  • Does your site use security best practices, like denying access after several failed logins?
  • Does your site render right on all major browsers? Have you done cross-browser testing?
  • Does your site render on mobile platforms? Have you used Google mobile-friendly test?
  • Is your site using Google Analytics or another suite and reporting data from all pages?
  • Have you recently updated (patched) all software plugins and modules on your site?
  • Are site logins, contact forms, and social media integration working as expected?
  • Does your site perform regular backups? Can it be restored in less than 24 hours?
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If you want to be sure you’re maximising the business benefits of your website, a website audit is the way to go. A good website audit takes into account all the factors that can influence your website’s success: From your perspective, your customer’s, and Google’s.

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