Looking for an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site? That’s where drag and drop page builder plugins come in handy.

WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit, and customize your website layout without writing any code.

In this article, we will compare some of the best WordPress drag and drop page builders.

WordPress Page Builders: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get to the list of the best WordPress page builders, let’s answer some basic, frequently asked questions about page builders.

What is a WordPress page builder?

A WordPress page builder, also known as site builder, is a plugin that extends WordPress’s built-in website editing features. It makes building a page or an entire website on WordPress much easier and more customizable.

Some page builder plugins also call themselves theme or website builders. This is because they allow you to edit not just pages but also other parts of your site like the navigation menu, header, footer, sidebar, and so on.

Do I need to use a WordPress site builder?

If you find WordPress difficult to use, then using a site builder can be a good idea. Most WordPress website builders offer a drag and drop function that lets you easily arrange your content elements exactly to your liking.

We noticed that when users just use WordPress’s built-in features, the website may look not very unique, making it difficult to stand out. Many page builders offer tons of customization options so that you can create a truly custom theme.

Do I need to install a theme to use a WordPress website builder?

WordPress comes pre-installed with a theme, so you don’t have to worry about installing another theme if you want to use a page builder plugin.

A WordPress theme and a page builder are two different things. A theme is like a skin that controls the visual appearance of your website, while a website builder is a tool to customize how your skin or in other words, your website looks.

Popular page builders are compatible with most WordPress themes. Unless there is a compatibility issues with your theme and the page builder of your choice, you don’t necessarily need to switch to a different theme.

Do I still need a page builder if I am using the WordPress Full Site Editor?

It depends. The short answer is yes, you’ll need a page builder if you want an enhanced website editing functionality.

Since WordPress 5.9 release, the core WordPress software comes bundled with WordPress Full Site Editor (FSE), which extends the latest WordPress editor, also known as Gutenberg / block editor. Basically, it allows you to edit all the parts of your site (besides pages and posts) using a drag and drop block feature similar to your WordPress post and page editor.

While FSE is getting popular, not all WordPress themes support this feature. This feature is only available with a WordPress theme that supports blocks. Plus, FSE’s drag and drop feature and built-in block options are also not as advanced as page builders.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the best page builders for WordPress on the market.

During our testing, we decided to compare and rank the top WordPress page builders and website builders so you can choose the right solution for your needs. Our criteria for comparing these WordPress page builders are ease of use, flexibility, and design output.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer written instructions, then just keep reading.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd WordPress Website Builder

SeedProd is a premium WordPress theme and page builder plugin. Unlike many other page builders, it lets you create custom WordPress themes from scratch without writing any code.

You can choose from hundreds of beautiful pre-made layouts or create a completely custom website template with an easy-to-use drag and drop visual builder.

There are ready-made 300+ website kits and templates for landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, eCommerce product pages, and more.

SeedProd template selection

SeedProd is built with website speed and SEO in mind. It ensures that your pages are the fastest so that you can rank higher in the search results.

It comes with a smart design system, so you can save time by re-using elements instead of doing repetitive work. You can define color schemes, save font combinations, page templates, custom blocks, sections, and more.

SeedProd has all the blocks and features you’d expect from a powerful page builder, such as opt-in forms, social profiles, countdown timers, contact forms, buttons, various content blocks, and more.

SeedProd Custom Blocks

The best part is that some of these blocks have pre-made templates, so you can speed up the design process by adapting your favorite 1-click block templates.

You can use their custom domain mapping feature to create micro-sites within WordPress. Agencies use this feature to manage multiple client landing pages from a single WordPress installation.

This WordPress page builder works with all popular themes and plugins, including WooCommerce. It also comes with WooCommerce blocks so that you can create custom checkout pages, cart pages, product pages, and more.

Customizing WooCommerce blocks using SeedProd

It also has built-in subscriber management, and you can easily connect it with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and more.

Over 1 million users are using SeedProd to make better website layouts.

Pricing: Starting from $39.50 for a single site license. There’s also a free version with limited features.

Our Grade: A++

Review: SeedProd is the fastest theme and page builder plugin on the market. It is also the most affordable. Its large library of pre-built templates and pro blocks is a huge time saver, and the ability to customize every little detail makes it the perfect solution for all WordPress users.

For more details, see our complete SeedProd review.

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use page builder. It lets you create beautiful pages, layouts, and content in WordPress without touching a line of code.

The WordPress site builder includes 357+ pre-designed layouts for homepages, sales pages, webinar pages, lead generation pages, application pages, and more.

Every single detail of the templates can be customized using the front-end visual editor. Simply point and click to edit, move, or delete any page element.

You can also quickly add pre-made conversion elements to your pages. Choose from building blocks like call-to-action buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, guarantee boxes, and more.

With Thrive Architect, you can even create custom blog post layouts. You can add blocks like highlight boxes, styled lists, and click-to-tweet boxes to make your WordPress blog more engaging.

Plus, there are more helpful web design elements you can use, such as flexible column layouts, hover effects, total font customization, and more.

You can also connect Thrive Architect with the Thrive Optimize addon to split-test your pages. This lets you compare two versions of the same web page to find out which converts best.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per year for the standalone plugin. Or, you can purchase the entire Thrive Suite of plugins, which includes the Thrive Theme Builder, starting at $299 per year.

Our Grade: A+

Review: Thrive Architect is an easy and highly intuitive WordPress page builder. The huge template library and fast front-end visual editor make it simple, even for beginners, to create custom pages and layouts in WordPress.

For more details, just see our Thrive Architect review.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress.

You can quickly familiarize yourself with the interface and get started with the built-in onboarding tour.

Beaver Builder comes with a live drag and drop interface. You get to see all your changes as you add them by dragging elements from the right sidebar and dropping them on your page. You can click on any element on a page to edit its properties.

There are modules that let you add almost everything you may want, including sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, and more.

The WordPress drag and drop builder also comes with over 170 beautifully designed templates for landing pages that make it super easy and super fast to create stunning website layouts.

We find Beaver Builder to be very beginner-friendly. Just check out our tutorial on how to create custom WordPress layouts with Beaver Builder.

Wondering if it is compatible with the new WordPress version? Yes, it is. Beaver Builder has been updated to work alongside the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Pricing: Starting from $99 for unlimited sites.

Our Grade: A+

Review: Beaver Builder is a popular page builder option. It comes with pre-made templates to help you get started. A lot of web professionals use Beaver Builder to create their client sites and custom themes.

You can see our full Beaver Builder review for more information.

4. Divi


Divi is a professional drag and drop theme and WordPress page builder plugin. It is extremely easy to use and comes with hundreds of layout packs for different kinds of websites.

Similar to SeedProd and Beaver Builder, the Divi Builder comes with a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor with visual drag and drop functionality.

You can directly click on your page and start editing in real time with a live preview of all changes. So you don’t need to save and click preview to see your new design.

Divi comes with dozens of content modules that you can drag and drop anywhere in your layout. It lets you arrange these modules in multiple section types and row types. And you can customize each element using its advanced design settings.

With Divi, you can create any type of custom page layout within a few minutes. You can then save these Divi layouts for future use on your site. You can also export a layout from one Divi installation into another.

The Divi Builder plugin is the backbone of the Divi theme, yet it works well with any other popular WordPress theme.

Best of all, Divi has very attractive pricing options. For a single price, you’ll get the Divi theme, the Divi page builder plugin, and all other Elegant Themes products, such as Extra and Bloom.

This means you can use the Divi theme or install the Divi Builder plugin on any other theme.

Pricing: Starting from $89 per year (a lifetime access plan is also available)

Our Grade: A

Review: Divi is a great SeedProd builder alternative. It has a powerful page builder with limitless design possibilities. The large number of content modules allows you to create literally any type of website that you really want. The lifetime plan also makes it one of the best deals on the market.

Check out our complete Divi review for more information.

5. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a powerful drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. It is a live page builder plugin, which means you can your changes live as you make them.

Start by creating sections and select the number of columns for each section. You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel into your section.

Elementor comes with tons of widgets, including the most commonly used website elements. These range from basic image and text widgets to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social media, tabs, and more.

Each widget is independent and comes with its own settings. Elementor will also let you add widgets created by other WordPress plugins.

Don’t want to build your own layout?

Elementor comes with many ready-to-use templates that you can easily insert into your pages. You can simply point and click to edit any item on the page, replace the content, and you’re done.

Pricing: Starting from $59 for a single site license.

Our Grade: A

Review: Elementor is a popular page builder plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use, has a large extensions ecosystem, and comes with tons of modules and templates that you can use to build a custom website. However, the code output is less efficient, and users often report slower page speed.

6. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder is a user-friendly WordPress website editor that helps you create custom website layouts, fast.

It comes with a simple drag and drop builder, out-of-the-box content elements, professional templates, and a host of powerful features to make a website.

Similar to SeedProd and Beaver Builder, it also provides a real front-end editing experience for designing a website. But there’s a lot more you can do with this WordPress site builder.

With the exception of SeedProd, Visual Composer is the only other plugin that allows you to edit all aspects of your landing page, such as logos, menus, headers, footers, and sidebars.

That’s why the team decided to call it a website builder instead of just a page builder.

The plugin features powerful design options to customize the appearance of any element on your page. You have easy options to add stylish backgrounds, including parallax, gradient, slideshow, carousel, zoom in and out, video, and more. It also comes with flexible rows and columns for creating grid layouts on your site.

Visual Composer works well with all WordPress themes. This allows you to switch your themes without losing the custom layouts that you created with Visual Composer.

It also includes support for the Gutenberg editor, Google Fonts, and Yoast SEO.

Visual Composer is designed for professionals, which is evident by their attention to detail, such as remembering your color choices. This allows you to easily use the same color palette for consistency throughout your design.

Pricing: $49/year for one site license

Our Grade: A-

Review: Visual Composer is a great plugin for beginners to start a website. It provides powerful features for website making in a simple manner. Website editing is made super simple with the front-end drag and drop editor. However, the interface is a bit different than typical WordPress plugins, so it can feel confusing to new users.

7. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

As a freemium WordPress website builder, Themify Builder is pretty unique. With this plugin, you get two types of interfaces: a drag and drop WYSIWYG to customize the design of your page and a backend to move around your content elements.

During our testing, we found it a bit tricky to use at first. However, we can imagine how useful it is when you just want to focus on editing the structure of your page.

Themify Builder comes in two versions: a free plugin and a Pro plan. The free plugin is more like a page builder as it lets you create a custom page using its 40+ layouts, but not other parts of your site.

Meanwhile, Themify Builder Pro allows you to modify all your page templates, from headers and footers to single post templates and custom post types. The plugin offers professional-looking pre-designed themes and templates.

Themify Builder Pro also offers a Display Conditions feature. You can use this to display certain templates on specific pages only rather than on your entire site. This can be helpful in for showing promotional banners on relevant product pages.

Pricing: Themify Builder Pro costs a one-time fee of $69. A free plugin is also available.

Our Grade: A-

Review: Themify Builder is a great WordPress site builder if you are looking for a slightly more advanced option. It comes with features that you may not easily find in other WordPress page builders. However, for beginners, it’s not the most user-friendly pick.

8. Brizy

Brizy WordPress Website Builder

Brizy is a WordPress website builder made for agencies and SaaS companies, but any user with any skill level can still use it. After installing the plugin, you can simply choose one of the 50 free starter templates for businesses, online stores, wedding sites, and more.

The free plugin only comes with basic content elements like text, images, and buttons, though a contact form is available. We recommend getting a pro plan to get more content elements and other features like a popup builder and user access settings.

The editing interface itself looks clean and feels straightforward to use. It’s not cluttered with too many settings and you can easily figure your way around it without any pointers.

Besides moving elements around, you can save layouts for future use, change the page’s global typography and color scheme, and preview your page on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The reason this WordPress page builder is intended for agencies is that its White Label plan lets you brand the plugin using your own logo and business name. It’s a cool perk if you work with many clients and want to maintain a consistent brand experience.

Pricing: Starting from $60/year for 1 website. A free version for personal use is available.

Our Grade: A

Review: As a free WordPress page builder, Brizy‘s user experience is beginner-friendly, but it’s not the most powerful. If you want to make the most out of this plugin, then we recommend getting a paid plan to get more out-of-the-box features.

9. Live Composer

Live Composer WordPress Website Builder

Live Composer is a completely free WordPress site builder. To use it, you will need to enter your email on the website and they will send you a download link to install and activate the plugin.

This WordPress page builder has a WYSIWYG drag and drop editor, with a bottom side panel to insert content blocks. While the plugin itself is free, it offers some elements that you may find in a paid page builder, like accordions, galleries, and progress bars.

When we used Live Composer, we realized that the plugin also allowed us to create custom post types for downloadables, partners, projects, staff, testimonials, and galleries.

These are all excellent custom post types for a business website or a digital product store, and you can use them to fill out your pages if needed.

If you want to extend the plugin further, then you can get an extension pack that includes add-ons for adding a contact form, embedding videos, restricting content, and so on.

Pricing: Free plugin, but the extensions pack starts from $69/year for 1 website.

Our Grade: A-

Review: Live Composer is a good free WordPress site builder for people on a budget. But we think users will need to get the extension pack or installing other plugins as some essential elements like contact forms and video embeds aren’t available in the free version.

10. SiteOrigin


SiteOrigin is another free WordPress page builder. You can use it with your existing WordPress theme, but works best with a SiteOrigin theme.

This plugin is technically a drag and drop builder, but when we tried it, it worked pretty differently from other options on the list.

For one, even though it comes with a live preview, you must add and move elements on the side panel rather than directly on the page. So it’s similar to the WordPress Theme Customizer, but it comes with a drag and drop editor.

It can seem tricky at first. However, one cool feature is that it lets you resize rows and columns in a page section easily by dragging a slider instead of sticking with the default section sizes. This can be useful if you want to have more control over your layout.

Additionally, you can adjust layouts specifically for mobile to ensure your site looks good on smaller screens.

SiteOrigin also provides a premium add-on bundle that includes extra widgets like video backgrounds, WooCommerce templates, tooltips, and more.

Pricing: Free, but there are premium add-on packs that start from $29/year for 1 site.

Our Grade: A-

Review: As a WordPress page builder, SiteOrigin offers everything needed to build a fully functional site, but it can seem too advanced for beginners. That’s why we recommend it more for experienced WordPress users looking for more control over their themes.

11. Oxygen


Like Brizy, Oxygen is a WordPress drag and drop builder designed for WordPress professionals. What makes it different is that it offers no free plan, so you have to purchase a plan to use it.

At a glance, the interface looks similar to a photo editor like Photoshop, which can intimidate beginners. However, it offers tons of control over how your site looks.

For example, the drag and drop editor doesn’t just allow you to move elements around. You can also adjust an element’s padding and margins to ensure your content is readable.

Additionally, this WordPress site builder provides a historical view for each element added to your page so that you can track all the changes that were made to it.

Oxygen also has an excellent dynamic content support. With this, you can insert real-time content into your website elements. This can be beneficial if you have an online store and need to display product prices dynamically based on discounts, sales, or location.

Pricing: Starting from $129 for a lifetime license.

Our Grade: A

Review: If you are a WordPress developer looking to speed up your website building, then Oxygen is a great WordPress website builder to consider. It can be quite an investment at first, but it’s easy to use and has plenty of advanced customization.

12. Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich

If you’re looking for a simple WordPress page builder, then Page Builder Sandwich can be a good pick.

The plugin comes in two versions: free and paid. When reviewing the plugin, we found the free option better suited for a personal, non-commercial site. There are not a lot of block options, and all the page template options are premium.

That said, you can still use the page builder to edit your existing theme.

On the other hand, the paid version offers all the essentials needed to create a website. You will get 10 page templates, 40+ pre-designed sections, and newsletter integration to build your audience.

Pricing: Starting from $29/year for 1 website. A free plugin is also available.

Our Grade: A-

Review: Page Builder Sandwich is a pretty simple WordPress website builder compared to the other options on this list. The feature set is not as rich, but we think it’s a good option if you want something straightforward that sticks to the basics.

13. Spectra


Spectra is a WordPress website builder developed by the same team that created the popular Astra theme.

What makes it different from the rest of the plugins on the list is it works right in the Gutenberg block editor. This makes it a good option for people who are familiar with the built-in editor but want some extra features to modify their web pages.

Out of the box, Spectra offers 30+ essential blocks and 100+ pre-built templates to speed up your website creation.

It also offers an AI generative feature called Zip AI so that you can craft copy for your landing pages quickly. Free Spectra plugin users can get 1000 free credits to use this feature.

Spectra is optimized for speed. When we tried the plugin, it did not take long for it to load and there were no performance issues. It also uses advanced tech like the Just-in-Time compiler to make the plugin more efficient.

Pricing: Starting from $49/year for 1 website. A free plugin is available.

Our Grade: A

Review: Spectra is an easy-to-use WordPress site builder that packs in a lot of features. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to extend their existing block editor with some extra Gutenberg blocks and templates. Plus, the AI feature will come in handy for writing content to grow your site.

14. Zion Builder

zion builder

Zion Builder is a WordPress drag and drop builder that’s made to run fast. The team behind this plugin makes sure that the templates use clean and lightweight code so that your website has high performance and is SEO-friendly.

This WordPress site builder’s 250+ templates and blocks also have professional designs. You can simply pick one from various industry categories, from blogs and restaurants to businesses and real estate.

During our tests, one feature that stood out to us was the tree view mode. With this, you can get an overview of how your elements are stacked and arranged.

Sometimes, when there are multiple, nested blocks, it can be difficult to click on the element you want to customize. The tree view mode helps with this exact problem.

Zion Builder also has a conditional logic function to display specific elements based on certain criteria. For example, you may want to show different content depending on whether a user is logged in or not.

Pricing: Starting from $39/year for 1 website. A free version is available.

Our Grade: A

Review: As a WordPress website builder, Zion Builder is fast and powerful, providing both speed and a wide range of features. It also has great ease of use with its drag and drop feature and tree view mode to make moving your content around much easier.

15. Cornerstone

Cornerstone WordPress Page Builder

Last but not least, we have Cornerstone. This WordPress website builder is one of the more advanced options on the list. Like Oxygen, beginners may take some time to get used to the slightly more complex drag and drop interface.

But once you get around it, you can make the most out of Cornerstone. This WordPress site builder has 100+ fully customizable elements for page layouts, dynamic content, WooCommerce, and so much more.

You can even create a custom element from scratch and save it for future use.

Other than that, Cornerstone has a feature to add unique effects to your elements like filters, interactions, masking, and so on. You can combine these effects to make your website more interactive for users.

Cornerstone is also SEO-friendly. It uses a lean codebase with structured schema markup to make sure your website has the best chance of appearing in search engines.

Pricing: Starting from $69 for a lifetime license. If you want to use their custom integrated theme framework, then the price starts from $99/year for 1 website.

Our Grade: A-

Review: We were impressed by Cornerstone‘s vast features and out-of-the-box SEO-friendliness. Not many WordPress website builders focus on SEO. That said, this plugin is not the most beginner-friendly due to its advanced interface.

What Is the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

As we compared different drag and drop WordPress page builders, one thing became very clear: SeedProd, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder are the top 3 choices. Divi and Elementor Pro are other great alternatives.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins for your site. You may also want to learn how to increase your blog traffic or see our list of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

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Disclaimer: We could have included many other page and site builder plugins in this list, including WPBakery and WP Page Builder. But we decided to only include the very best WordPress page builder plugins to help you avoid choice paralysis.

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